Want a fun career that allows you to travel and work with your hands while also being incredibly profitable?

HM Dent Works Academy will show you how to be successful in the paintless dent repair trade.  We don’t just teach you the trade. We show you how to run a lucrative business. Your HM Certification™ will be an instant credibility marker that puts you ahead of the competition as you’ll be taught by two of the world’s leading PDR professionals.

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We Do It Differently.

We’ve seen all the other ways you can learn out there and we are going to DROP THE MIC….they don’t work….not like this.

Our hybrid model allows the fundamentals to be learned remotely and without travel. Our 10 Week, in person, “over the shoulder” training is SO immersive and comprehensive that we shave years off of your learning curve. 

The best part is the end….where we show you the secrets to creating a PROFITABLE LIFE!

Step 1: Professional Foundations

The HM Dent Academy course is built on providing you the foundational models that you need to understand the weather, metal, tools, and the science behind dent work, which will give you a straight path to success.

Step 2: Skill Fundamentals

Your fundamentals are the pieces of the puzzle that serve you day in and day out in your career. They are the way you approach every dent and every repair. This is the time when you see your hard work paying off and you will be learning something new everyday!

Step 3: Skill Mastery

Looking at a gnarly dent and saying YOU can fix it is what this level is all about. We will take the foundations and the fundamentals to get into the problem solving section of the course. Advance techniques, full car tear downs, and competition is the bulk of mastering your skill.

Step 4: Profitable Life

Your hands on training is complete. You are ready to tackle the world of paintless dent repair. You have received the HM Certified™ title. Now understanding the business, politics, emotions, and financials of PDR, you have the final pieces to run your own PDR business.



Here is what you will learn in the Academy:

  • How to use your custom set of tools
  • Learn and understand how to use your light
  • How to properly repair different sizes of dents
  • Learn how to access dents
  • The differences between all the metals and how to repair
    Crown repair
  • Hail repair (the heaviest part of this course)
  • Remove and Install (R & I)
  • Efficiency
  • Side panels and rails-hail and door dings
  • Glue pulling
  • Blending
  • Dents and body lines
  • Skill refinement
  • Advanced techniques
  • How to work with insurance companies
  • How to work with body shops
  • How to work with dealerships
  • How to manage your money
  • How to manage your family
  • How to manage your time during repair



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Why Learn From Us?

HM Dent Works™ instructors are there for you before, during and after your training. 

We know all too well that there are plenty of courses out there to learn paintless dent repair

We have worked alongside people that have taken these classes over the course of our 40 years experience. We have seen the work they do. We feel bad for them. They end up getting kicked out of body shops, made fun of, and have even left the trade all together. It isn’t their fault. They just didn’t get trained properly. A two day course, YouTube series, or even a two week course aren't enough training.

HM Dent Works™ Academy has changed the approach. We've flipped the script. 

You will learn the fundamentals to master your trade and work your way up to understanding how to balance life as a business owner  so you can be happy and successful. You learn everything you need to know. You aren’t picking and choosing from a menu of options. This is the one stop Academy for being a profitable success in PDR.



Meet The Instructors


Jeramey Henson and Chris McWhirter are two of the most respected names in Paintless Dent Repair and are the creators of the HM Method™. They have over 40 years combined experience in Paintless Dent Repair. They’ve seen and done it all and travelled the world as PDR experts. They understand the world of paintless dent repair better than anyone.

After seeing so many training programs miss the mark, they decided to pair up and create  HM Dent Works™ Academy to prepare people for a thriving career in paintless dent repair as business owners and master tradesman.

Henson and McWhirter have created a new approach to training for PDR that combines digital education with robust, in-person training. As an HM Certified™ professional, you will be recognized as having training from the best training institute for Paintless Dent Repair in the world.

Read How We Got Started

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Trade Business

This is a 10 week program that will show you how to become a successful Paintless Dent Repair Technician. Our academy offers a video library, online fundamentals training,10 week over the shoulder in person training, custom set of A-1 Tools including light and cart, 10 weeks of lodging in Springfield, Mo, and your graduating certificate. Our program has it all!

Video Library

24/7 access to our custom video library that will help you learn and always be there to review in the future.

Online Training

Our online training will help you be prepared for your over the shoulder, hands-on, and in-person academy work.

In Person Training

We believe there is only one way to learn Paintless Dent Repair and that is one on one, in person training.


HM Certified™ means you are ready to be part of the elite in the Paintless Dent Repair industry.


How Do I Know This Will Be For Me?

We understand that training for a new career while maintaining your current job is probably something you are worried about. HM Dent Academy has funding programs to help you through this challenge.

Do you question if you are smart enough to do PDR because you didn't excel in high school?

Did you get bored easily in school?  Want to know a secret? Our founders and owners weren’t great at school either. Jeramey and Chris wanted to be playing sports or skateboarding and despised school work.

They were C students but loved working with their hands. They were street smart and common sense smart and now they are business smart. They knew trade school was what was best for them, too! 

Our HM Method is different because we prepare you for what PDR really is about. Other schools give you week by week training. They let you pick and choose. They charge you a ton and leave you with very little skills learned. 

Our goal in creating HM Dent Works Academy is to create dent professionals that understand not only the art of pushing dents but the art of a life in PDR. 

We help you navigate a family life in PDR. Finances in PDR. Dealing with insurance companies and body shops. How to run a hail storm and so much more. We aren’t here to push another graduate out the door, say CHEESE and snap a pic, and move on. 

We want to have successful and profitable graduates that we never lose touch with. We mean it when we say we want to create the next generation of Master PDR techs.


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Getting Started Is EASY!

Simply Book a Call with one of our instructors and we will walk you through whether or not our school is a good fit for you. We will have some questions for you to get us started and then you can decide if you have questions for us. If we decide to work together we will give you a step by step plan to get started and walk you through any challenges you may have.


Vick K.

It was a great pleasure to work with such a hardworking and skillful individual. Jeramey is an honest and professional guy. One thing I can guarantee is you will not be left disappointed with his quality of work. I look forward to working with him again!

Sid S.

Jeramey and I worked closely for 4 – 5 months, during this time became friends, he even taught me a thing or two about the art of dent repair. You can’t find a better personality than in Jeramey, he’s comical yet serious in all the right times. I’m glad we have kept in touch over the years and I look forward to what he is doing and going to do in the world of PDR.

Terry M.

Jeramey is the most professional PDR operator I've experienced in my 30 years in this industry. Prompt, efficient and talented. Nothing ever seemed like it was too much trouble, an absolute joy to do business with.

Are you stuck in your job with no real plan to ever get out?

HM Dent Works™ Academy gives you a proven path to follow. Once you graduate with your HM Certification™ you’ll be light years ahead of others starting in the PDR trade. You will be ready to hit the ground running at your first hail storm. Your bank account will explode and you will be in control of your future. No more time clocks to punch! 

Owning your own business in the PDR trade allows you flexibility, unlimited earning, and the ability to travel the world if you choose.


HM Dent Works™ Academy has a small class size for each session. Spots fill up fast. Book your call today to see if you are ready to join the elite in Paintless Dent Repair business. 

We are currently booking for our October, 2021 start date so time is running out.

Like no other program, you will be learning in a fully operating paintless dent repair facility. You will have real life training opportunities and experience every day - all day.

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What do I do once I have your HM Certification?

That is how we are different. We don’t just throw you to the wolves. 

Each class will have one-on-one interaction with our instructors. We have ongoing support systems for you before and after your training. You will get access to our HM GRADUATES ONLY Facebook Group that will be a 24/7 support form. This will be LIFETIME access to our instructors, all of their wisdom, and the entire community of HM graduates.

You will have weekly calls available to speak with your instructor to help with any questions you have while you are in a storm or preparing for one.

Select graduates will be offered positions with HM Dent Works™ to travel and work hail storms.

We know all of the major players and hail brokers in the industry. Your graduation will gain you those contacts and the upper hand with your HM Certification®.

This is all about attitude and preparing to be the best in your trade. We know you can do it!

We have put together a free guide to show you how PDR will change your life. Download it FREE today!

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Adam G.

Chris and Jeramey know what they're doing and take care of their customer, highly recommend HM Dent Works!

Melinda K.

Dentoway have been proud to know Jeramey for over 10 years. Extremely professional with the very highest quality of work. Jeramey is genuine and trustworthy and we look forward to working with him for many years to come.

Paul D.

Jeramey fixed exactly 199 hail dents on my car after a sequence of storms. Still can't believe the results, he's definitely the best!

READY To Make A Change?

Don’t let this year pass by without making a change in your life!

Class sizes are SMALL. We must give you the best quality training possible and we can’t do that online, in short courses, or in large classes. Don't think there is a shortcut to becoming a PDR Master.

Your 10 weeks with HM Dent Works® Academy will have you light years ahead of any of your “competition”!

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