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  Our graduates did their research and chose HM because they knew they would get the best education and be able to make the money they want!


Seth P. made a career change that gave him more time & more financial freedom.

"I used to work in the oilfield I was tired of working long days, hot summers & cold winters."

-Seth P.


"Working on my 3rd hail car. This one is a beater it will take me a while, couldn't have done it without you!"



Jeremy S. worked in the automotive industry & saw how much money can be made in PDR.

"I wrote several claims for PDR & hail damage & I was very surprised at how wealthy you can be doing that. And so it further perked my interest."

-Jeremy S.
"From day one, Jeramey made our small class of four feel welcome and comfortable. Immediately, it felt like I was being trained by a longtime friend. Throughout the course, Jeramey spent plenty of time with each student, giving us all one on one attention to make sure that we'd be confident in our skills by the end of the course. Not only did Jeramey bring me confidence in my skills as a PDR technician, but he also gave me tons of information and advice on what to expect and how to successfully operate in the PDR industry. Overall, I'd highly recommend HM Dent Works Academy to absolutely anybody looking to learn paintless dent repair."

-Sam C.


PDR interested Sam C. because of the travel opportunities, & HM was the obvious choice for him.

"I looked into a bunch of schools, I probably looked at 40 or so. Ultimately most of them were about 2 weeks long to a max a month. That's what made HM Academy stand out, was that is was a 2 month course. Jeramey let me know that I have plenty of practice being that it is a fully operational facility. I feel like I made the right choice."

-Sam C.

Jacob knew he wanted someone to teach him the right way- many other PDR schools just didn't cut it. 

"I would recommend this Academy to anyone. If you're willing to give up 10 weeks of your life, this will change your life. HM is the standard to learning PDR."

-Jacob R.
"I graduated from HM Dent Works Academy. They were nothing short of amazing. From Jeramey's amazing teaching techniques to Julia's infinite wisdom of all the business aspects. Jeramey has to be one of if not the best in this business. His teaching techniques absolutely mirror that. I'm not saying he made it easy because it wasn't. He taught in such a way that it was easy to understand. These are some AMAZING people. If you are looking for a new career I would highly recommend HM Dent Works Academy!!!"

-Seth S.


Jeremy S. first impressions:

"My first impression of HM Dent Works was that is was nice. I came into a very clean shop, it's laid out very professionally, the tools were all set there for us. We immediately started working on stuff the first day. Jeramey has been very patient with us & very helpful. He has definitely come to answer any questions we have. So my first impression the care that the instructor puts into it really shows."

-Jeremy S.


"This class changed my life and I’m so grateful for everything I got out of it, I couldn’t ask for better teachers and now they feel like family. I wouldn’t recommend anywhere but HM!"

-Layton R.


Four weeks into the Academy Sam C. said there is so much more to learn. 

"We're about 4 weeks in & I can tell you that in the first 2 weeks there is no way I would have been ready to go into the field. I don't understand how a few of the [other courses] are so short."

-Sam C.

The only success story missing is yours...

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