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Advanced PDR Course

Our Advanced Paintless Dent Repair course is for those that have a working foundation and are looking to clean up their repairs, become more skillful at newer techniques, and gain speed.


Who is this course PERFECT for?

  • If you are wanting to learn glue pulling the right way

  •  If you feel like you are leaving 5% of the dent at the end and want to do 100% work

  • If you want to learn how to gain speed

  • If you want to become more efficient at RNI

  • If you want to gain confidence in your estimating and learn efficiency


What are the prerequisites for this course?

You must be able to fix dime, nickel, quarter, and OS dents in under 20 mins per dent, to at least 90% (you will be tested on the first day of training). Plus, you must have a positive attitude towards learning more about PDR, and you must be willing to try a different approach to become better. Egos aren't allowed.


HM PDR Advanced course will leave you confident on:

  • Finishing your dents to 100%

  •  Glue Pulling

  • Becoming more efficient in your RNI

  •  Estimating the right way

  •  Learn how to gain speed

    This course is designed for PDR technicians that can already repair damage and are looking to improve their skill to become the top 1% in the industry.


What's Included?

Advanced In Person Training

Attend 2 weeks of immersive instruction by Jeramey Henson. (M-F, 9am-4pm)

One-on-one Calls

Access to (2) 30 min calls, with Jeramey Henson, to discuss any issues you come across in your day-to-day repairs.

Plus, You will get these Bonuses:

  • Access to Ultra Dent Tools for use during the course*
  • Lodging discounts 
  • HM Dent Works Academy Shirt
  • Priority Enrollment offered to HM Coaching Program coming in 2023
  • Discounts for Pushin PDR marketing services
  • Discounts on Mitchell Cloud Estimating and Mitchell Diagnostics
  • Discounts on Ultra Dent Tools
  • HM certificate* PDR Advanced
  • Option to take Vale Certification test on site (additional investment)

*You will need to bring your tools and light with you to the course.  

What is the investment for the HM ADVANCED PDR course?


 The number one indicator of a GREAT tech is speed. We aren’t talking about 90% repairs but true 100% repairs done quickly and efficiently. Those are the true MASTER Craftsman in PDR. It's a small investment in yourself & your career that will pay you back again and again.    


   INVESTMENT: $5,000   

Deposit required to reserve your seat: $500

Limited Seats Available Per Session.

Session Dates: 

 Oct 28, 2024





Why is HM Dent Works Academy different for an Advanced PDR course?

Many courses can’t take those that are good to great. The instructors don’t have the competency to identify where a good technician is lacking and take them to the final step of mastery because they themselves are not masters of the trade. Our HM Method coupled with Master instructors is the missing piece to the other advanced courses that may be available. 


How is this different than the 10 week program you offer to become HM Certified?

Our 10 week program is the most comprehensive training program for PDR available. It is for those that want to learn PDR the right way, the first time. In those 10 weeks you learn all aspects of hail damage repair, door ding repair, RNI, estimating, and business management. Your tools and loding are included in our full 10 Week program. 


Our Advanced PDR course is for those that have a foundation and are looking to clean up their repairs, become more skillful at newer techniques, and gain speed.  

*This course is not eligible for HM Certified designation. 

Getting Started Is EASY!

Simply Book a Call with one of our instructors and we will walk you through whether or not our school is a good fit for you. We will have some questions for you to get us started and then you can decide if you have questions for us. If we decide to work together we will give you a step by step plan to get started and walk you through any challenges you may have.


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