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A message from Michael Pavone, Managing Partner at Pushin PDR & Detailing:


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HM Dent Works® Academy couldn't be happier to partner with Pushin PDR.


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A message from Steve Hopf, Owner of Ultra Dent Tools:

"Although I have just recently met Jeramey and Julia Henson at HM Dent Works Academy. I am thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and integrity. These guys really care about their customers. They have an outstanding shop and a great reputation in the dent repair and training business. I highly recommend using them for their services and training!"

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HM Dent Works® Academy couldn't be happier to partner with Ultra Dent Tools.


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A message from Jeramey Henson about Mobile Tech RX (MTRX):

"I have used MTRX for years now. It made my life on the road so much easier. We use MTRX for our Academy so that we can teach our students the right way, the first time. They leave understanding how to estimate, schedule, and invoice which takes so much fear out of working that first dealership or storm. When a mobile app is needed it is the way to go! MTRX supports our students and we are always impressed with their willingness to give back to our Academy and their customer service! Partnering with them just makes sense!"

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HM Dent Works® Academy couldn't be happier to partner with Mobile Tech Rx.


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“Like HM Dent Works, we are committed to supporting PDR technicians in their delivery of proper and safe repairs. Through our close collaboration—and Mitchell’s designation as the preferred technology provider of the HM Dent Works Academy Certification Program—we can introduce the next generation of PDR professionals to the tools and training they will need to safely return damaged vehicles to the road.”

-        Jack Rozint, Senior Vice President of Repair Sales
Mitchell, an Enlyte Company

Learn more about Mitchell’s innovative diagnostic, estimating, and OEM repair solutions for PDR technicians.

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