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PDR Fundamentals

HM Dent Works Academy PDR Fundamentals course is a fast paced introduction to paintless dent repair and how to approach every dent, every time. You will learn pdr the proper way to not introduce poor habits. 


Who is this course PERFECT for?

  • If you want to add in PDR for your Detail business

  • If you want to do “push for paint” work for a body shop where 100% is not required

  • If you want to get your feet wet and aren’t sure how you will use the skill but know you want to get started

  • If you are willing to put many hours of practice in on your own to get better if you want to chase hail

  • If you buy and sell cars and want to fix minor dents for resale



HM PDR Fundamentals course will leave you confident on:

  • Reading and using your light
  • Using hand tools and rods
  • Tapping high spots
  • Fixing dime, nickel, and quarter dents
  • Proper dent repair habits
  • Door ding knowledge and access
  • Introduction to Mitchell diagnostics and understanding today’s liabilities in the automotive industry
  • Introduction to the different business avenues a PDR technician has

This course is designed as an introduction to paintless dent repair. This course is not a full PDR course, for more information on our full course click here.


What's Included?

Online Training

Virtual coursework to get you ready for your in-person training. 

In Person Training

Attend 2 weeks of immersive instruction by Jeramey Henson. (M-F, 9am-4pm)

One-on-one Calls

Access to (2) 30 min calls to discuss your next steps in PDR with Jeramey Henson post course.

Plus, You will get these Bonuses:

  • Access to Ultra Dent Tools for use during the course*
  • Lodging discounts 
  • HM Dent Works Academy Shirt
  • Partial credit towards The Academy 10 week course if you decide to upgrade
  • Discounts for Pushin PDR marketing services
  • Discounts on Mitchell Cloud Estimating and Mitchell Diagnostics
  • Discounts on Ultra Dent Tools
  • HM certificate* PDR Fundamentals
  • Option to take Vale Certification test on site (additional investment) 

*Will need to bring basic tools and light to course with you. You can purchase our recommendations here or bring like tools. 

What is the investment for the HM PDR Fundamentals course?


 It's a small investment in yourself & your career that will pay you back again and again. HM does not take any shortcuts when it comes to your training, we are committed to helping you get the best start you can in the PDR industry.   


   INVESTMENT: $5,000   

Deposit required to reserve your seat: $500

Limited Seats Available Per Session.





Available 2024

Session Dates

Sept. 9, 2024


Why is HM Dent Works Academy different for a PDR fundamentals course?

While we believe PDR takes much longer to perfect than 2 weeks we do recognize the need for some in the automotive industry to have a less comprehensive course to add certain services to their current services line up. 

With that being said we don’t take short cuts with your learning. The first 2 weeks of our full 10 week course is the same as you will receive for the HM Fundamentals course. The fundamentals are the same no matter what. Our HM Method will have you light years ahead of any of the other courses out there that are the same length. 

We take the time to understand your learning style and adjust our course accordingly. We do not teach drilling or work on unauthorized vehicles. 

If you are interested in chasing hail or working on hail cars this course will be good for you but the best course we offer for goals like this is our full 10 week program.

Getting Started Is EASY!

Simply Book a Call with one of our instructors and we will walk you through whether or not our school is a good fit for you. We will have some questions for you to get us started and then you can decide if you have questions for us. If we decide to work together we will give you a step by step plan to get started and walk you through any challenges you may have.


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